This Is Gold (Fast Minecraft Rap)

by Ready Up Live

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We spent many nights working on this fast Minecraft rap song. Hope you enjoy This Is Gold!


Blickity block a box
opening up a bright light shines out
Look at the stuff I found
pass it around and go
diamonds, player check it out check it out
Working together with friends
a global connection of hands
are trading and mining their way
deep deep down
Cracking and breaking the stones
you don't want to venture alone
the creepers are lurking with their
distinctive sound

Better watch out for them.
Seriously, watch out for them.

When night falls it's a whole other story
and you'll be sorry if you're out in the dark
Better get a shelter, build it quicker, getting pelted
by the skellies shooting arrows at Professor Barks
That's my dog, or wolf I guess
He protects me from the baddies that lurk, infest
this blocky land
It's messed, I'm on a quest
I'll save the world no contest I'm the best

But I've gotta start small
build a hut, maybe a wall
after all I'm just a guy with
really really really big dreams
a neanderthal, a crownless king
I'm the prince of progress, a nobody for now
I've gotta digress, I'm gonna make it
I'm gonna be famous, nobody can tame this
holding my diamond sword the Ender Dragon's gonna taste this

I can't use Redstone
It's complicated, man just leave me alone
I'd rather just sip atop my throne
It's a skill I can't hone, could you throw me a bone?
You know what, actually, make that two
I need a few dogs I'm out of Mushroom Stew
They'll protect me and I'll protect you
Did you hear that? What was that? Herobrine?

Come on man, Herobrine's a myth
He doesn't exist, it's like he's pleading the fifth
Hiding in plain sight, in the code, black light
won't revel anything he's sneakier than Mr. White
There Notch sits on his castle of power
racking in the money coming hour after hour
He's the ruler of his Minecraft tower
with merchandise and games
so filthy rich I wanna shower

Where are the diamonds? I want those diamonds.
We're running out of time, it's getting dark on these islands
I'm a loner but you know I am a shark for the diamonds
I'm like Pitbull rhyming diamonds with diamonds
A hobby turns into an obsession, no question
Bubba Gump Shrimp, take a suggestion, I'm testin'
the waters of murky complexion, I'm guessin'
the rappers of old can't keep up I'm confessin'

I'm mining all the diamonds with my pixelated pickaxe
and I'm smelting lots of iron in my furnace bicka-because
I am gonna craft some armour
I am not a good wheat farmer
d'rather fight with sword and shield
holding meat to keep me healed
I'm gonna climb a mountain
gonna make an awesome fountain
build a castle made of diamond
build a pool that I can dive in
sleep on beds on top of lava
while I'm sippin' a Corona
keep a Creeper in my cellar
put him down like he's Old Yeller, yellin'

Yo, this is my house
If you're gonna blow up do it somewhere else
It's not me it's your dirty mouth
Always hissing at me I'll take you out
to dinner! Family! Keep it PG
This game's for you, not just for me
We can all enjoy it I'll make you see
I'll show you how it just won't be free

Let's just take it slow
I'm really out of breath and I have to go (just kidding)
I'm never ever done, starting a revolution
Follow me, follow the beat
follow along, tap your feet
Killing Creepers, creepy crawlers
Call me crazy, salivating
Call me maybe, Carly Rabies
Cheeks are rosy, blame the capillaries

Love it, hate it, it has it all
Digging, fighting, building, it answers the call
It fills a hole, it lifts a shawl
it opens your eyes just gotta catch the ball
Catch the fever, there are stories untold
just waiting for you to watch them unfold
It's true you know, a rolling stone grows no mold
so break out your pickaxe you know this is gold.


released April 4, 2014
Dan Hammill
Jeff Wood
Aaron Gilbert
Jessica Rawlusyk
Georgia Kollias
Kyle Orchard
Adrian Cajili
The RUL Staff
The RUL Minecraft Server (



all rights reserved


Ready Up Live Lethbridge, Alberta

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